• Equity: Getting to All


    英超联赛竞猜投注 www.lizexiyuan.com At Pittsburgh Public Schools we are committed to Eliminating Racial Disparity in Achievement Levels of African American Students. The Equity Office: CitySteps was organized to monitor the District's progress at accelerating student achievement and eliminating racial disparities. The responsibilities of this office include:

    • Reviewing and analyzing the District's disaggregated student data concerning inequities in discipline, grades, standardized test scores, and special programs;
    • Evaluate the District's equity programs and initiatives;
    • Review best practices information for equitable education programs;
    • Develop and implement program initiatives and otherwise take all steps necessary to remedy racial and ethnic isolation and imbalance found to exist; 
    • Meet with the Equity Advisory Panel to exchange information and accept comments and suggestions; and
    • Monitoring the District's progress on the Equity: Getting to All plan.
    One of the goals, set by the Board of Directors, was "to develop and communicate a plan to decrease racial disparities in student achievement within the Pittsburgh Public schools."
    The elimination of racial disparities is one of our top priorities, but we know we can't do it alone.  As part of our efforts to eliminate racial disparities, we will work to deepen our efforts to ensure that everyone plays a key role in ensuring the students of Pittsburgh graduate Promise-Ready and complete college or attain a workforce certification.  Like the steps our children climb throughout the City of Pittsburgh, we are each a constructive step as students climb toward Promise Readiness. 

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